pokemon - edicion negra (s)

Pokemon - Edicion Negra (S) ROM

pokemon - edicion negra (s)
NDS Emulator
100.8MB / ISO
Are you interested in playing role-playing games? If yes, then you must try Pokemon - Edicion Negra (S) Game at least once. This is the best action video game in which lots of characters include, and each one represents different skills and stamina power.
However, before going to take part in any battle, then you must make better strategies with your team members, then you will be able to dominate other team members without getting injured by their dangerous attacks.
Pokemon Fighting and Basics!
• During the Fight 3 Vs. 3 the position of the Pokemon will be very important. In other words, one should give the best position to their character so that they can easily attack a lot of enemies by standing in one place.
• The central Pokemon of triple combat can attack any of the 3 opponents, so gamers need to choose to kill the high powered ones in order to survive at the end without beat a single battle.
• The experience points gained in combat will be based on the level of your Pokemon. So players should try to give their best while performing in combat series in order to get a lot of experience points (XP).
• After each battle, this game allows the players to customize their characters or Pokemon in order to make them stronger or boost their stamina power. By doing so, Pokemon will be able to compete with high-powered opponents or even with fewer chances of beating throughout the course.
Conclusive Details!
As soon as you follow the points as mentioned-earlier and apply all of them at the right time while playing time that totally changes your way of playing 5597 - Pokemon - Edicion Negra (S) Game.