pokemon - edicion platino (es)

Pokemon - Edicion Platino (ES) ROM

pokemon - edicion platino (es)
NDS Emulator
20.8MB / ISO

There are a lot of incredible games over the internet and if you want to have an amazing experience, the one that you need to play is the 3787 - Pokemon - Edicion Platino (ES).  It is considered to be one of the best games when it comes to the Pokemon games. This game is all about the role play and it is therefore called a role playing video game. It is developed by the famous Japanese game developer company named game freak and the publisher of this game is the Pokemon Company and the Nintendo.

The game play and details
As mentioned above, it is a role paying game and therefore there are various levels in the game that you need to pass through in order to move further in the game. There are two worlds in the game and you need to choose one of them as your side. At one side, there is a region in the game which is under the influence of the Giratine Pokemon and on the on the other side there is world distortion that you will have to create.
Both of the games with different Pokemon on each side will have to conquer the other one and the one that take over the other will win the game. There are new main characters in the game and they are Handsome and Pluto and the leader that you have to face will be Fantina which is the third leader.

More to know about it
In the 3787 - Pokemon - Edicion Platino (ES), you are going to miss some of the Pokemon and may be you can find them in the coming edition of the game. You need to have a faster connectivity for the game and as the files are bigger than before, prefer using a Wi-Fi connection while playing the game.