pokemon - emerald version

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pokemon - emerald version
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People born in the nineties definitely know about the most popular Anime series Pokemon. It is not only a game; it is love for most of the people who have memories connected with the same series. There are many RPG games developed on the same, and Pokemon - Emerald Version is the second Version launched in September of 2004. With a hundred thousand of purchase of Pokemon - Emerald Version, this game gained huge popularity on handheld gaming consoles. That's why you can still find it attractive.
What to Expect From the Gameplay?
No doubt that Pokemon has the highest number of fans all around the world. That's why developers tried coming up with a similar theme to the original TV series. If you have played Ruby and Sapphire, then you may know that both games have similar gameplay. Player characters are able to move their direction in four directions with ease. Capturing Pokemon is the primary goal when you got these features; that's why you can find that it is an attractive title to go after.
Back in 2005, when this game was launched internationally, most of the people loved its gameplay. Being able to move in four directions was a big thing. Even the best thing is, when there is battle time, it totally converts into batter screen so you can expect a top-notch experience. There was poor animation, but most of them loved by everyone; that's why you can find it impressive.
Bottom Line
There are so many emulators that you can use and download Pokemon - Emerald Version to play without any issue. Keep it in mind that when you are downloading this game, check out the supported emulator and other basic details so that you don’t face any kind of issue running the emulator tool.