pokemon - heartgold

Pokemon - HeartGold ROM

pokemon - heartgold
NDS Emulator
52.2MB / ISO
4701 - Pokemon – HeartGold is an action and adventure game in which players have to find their way to the next level and also have to defeat so many Pokemon to get the rewards. 4701 - Pokemon – HeartGold is based on the role-playing concept, and while playing the game, players can control the Pokemon as well when it comes to the battle or walking somewhere else. Video games have changed the view of gaming very advanced, and players love to play these kinds of games so much. Pokemon is already very popular in the world, and games make them more amazing and popular.
Unlock Amazing Pokemon
4701 - Pokemon – HeartGold is no doubt an interesting game, and in the game, so many types of Pokemon are available that players can capture to be strong and to complete the game. At the beginning of the game, there is very Pokemon main character has, but after playing the game into a higher level, players will find new Pokemon too. To capture the Pokemon, players have to defeat those Pokemon, and it can happen if you use right and strong powers against them to defeat that enemy Pokemon.
Complete the Levels
After capturing several kinds of Pokemon, it will be a lot easier for the players to complete the game. While capturing the Pokemon, the meter and percentage of the game will increase too, and more than that, in order to complete the level, players have to defeat many Pokemon trainers as well. Some trainers are so strong, and to defeat those trainers, it is important to make the Pokemon strong and use their hidden and special powers as well. To complete the level fighting and going on the right path is also important, and you have to follow this too.