pokemon - heartgold version

Pokemon - HeartGold Version ROM

pokemon - heartgold version
NDS Emulator
38.7MB / ISO
Do You love Pokemon Go? This latest gaming title is surely very impressive for the real-life gameplay using the AI. There are so many games like this, but Pokemon gained huge popularity because the old titles were high in demand back in the nineties.
At the beginning of this century, so many people were enjoying Nintendo EUA's new title 4787 - Pokemon - HeartGold Version. It is not only impressive for the theme, but it had some great features. You can also try the same features, which are making it a highly impressive choice so you can grab a huge number of advantages trying it out.
Things To Love About
As 4787 Pokemon HeartGold Version is loved all around so you can find plenty of things which make it a very impressive choice.
• It has a different and legendary climax as compared to the other Version. One thing for sure, you have to complete a very long journey in this Version.
• This time, you have to try out the Johto region and battle with new Pokemon. Exploring the new region is the primary thing that makes it highly impressive over the other Version.
• Pokéwalker accessory is allowing you to enhance your overall bond with Pokemon so you can get better with time. It definitely makes you a better Pokemon trainer.
• Downswing machine is allowing you to check for new treasure this time. You can also catch some wild Pokemon this time also.
These are some new and advanced features that make your overall Pokemon gaming experience better from the previous ones. That's why you can try it out.
Bottom Line
These features and a new map with long journey feature is the best thing about it which can easily make you prefer it over the selection of others. Keep it in mind when you are downloading this game; try to find the reputed source.