pokemon - versione platino (it)

Pokemon - Versione Platino (IT) ROM

pokemon - versione platino (it)
NDS Emulator
20.8MB / ISO
3794 - Pokemon - Versione Platino (IT) is a role-playing video game which is designed by the game freak company and finally published by Nintendo and Pokemon company for the Nintendo ds and for handheld game console. The game is an enhanced version of the previous versions of the Pokemon that is diamond and pearl. The game firstly released in the parts of Japan, and then it started to release in the other parts of North America along with European countries. With the help of emulators, now you can play this beautiful game over your mobile phones and laptops, which is always a significant advantage for any game lover in the world.
Today I am going to show you some basic things about the gameplay of the3794 - Pokemon - Versione Platino (IT), which is also an Italian version of the game for the Italians.
• There are some male and female characters in the game which you need to handle to get all the right progress. All the characters are given by professor Rowan which you need to manage throughout the game.
• Unlike the previous games of the Pokemon, the story of this game took place in the parts of the distortion land of Sinnoh.
• You can explore so many various types of places in the game like grasslands snowy expansions along with water lands.
• Every character in the game has its style of fighting and battling around with the Enemies of the game to get all the right progress. You need to explore that can earn all the vital development.
Finally, I can say that all the words mentioned above are enough to provide you all the right information about the3794 - Pokemon - Versione Platino (IT).