Neo Geo (NEO GEO) Roms

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Neo Geo ROMs

Neo Geo is the prime of the Neo Geo family manufactured in 1990 by SNK Corporation, a Japanese-Chinese video game company. Neo Geo is both an arcade system board type and a home video console type that belongs to the fourth generation of video game console.

It was first introduced as a multi-video system that can be played in a coin-operated machine. Not long after that, SNK Corp. presented it as a home console named Advance Entertainment System and was only accessible primarily for rent to business enterprises such as hotels, bars, and restaurants in Osaka, Japan, in 1990.

Gamers begin to give positive acknowledgments to the Neo Geo console and willing to purchase the 650USD game console. The manufacturer, SNK, extended their deals and marketed Neo Geo into the home console in 1991.

Neo Geo uses Motorola 68000 for the main central processing unit that runs in 12MHz and a Zilog Z80A co-processor that runs in 4MHz, which is responsible for the audio controls. For the console's RAM, it uses a 214 KB SRAM. The Main CPU uses 64 KB. The Video RAM uses 84 KB: 64KB for the main Video RAM, 16 KB for the Palette memory, and 4 KB for the fast video RAM. Co-processor Zilog Z80 uses 2 KB of RAM for the audio and 64 KB SRAM for the battery backup. Neo Geo's 512 KB ROM is for the Zoom look-up table, Graphics, Z80 Sound card, and CPU BIOS. Neo Geo uses its company video chipset for its display board in a 320x224 px resolution. Neo Geo is furnished with a quality sound chip, the Yamaha YM2610 that provides the system 15 channels of sound.

Metal Slug, The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Neo Bomberman, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, The Last Blade, Samurai Shodown, The Art of Fighting, Ninja Commando and Puzzle Bobble are some of the games popularized in the Neo Geo platform.

SNK sold a million units of Neo Geo before discontinuing it in the year 1997.