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Sony Playstation 3 ROMs

PlayStation 3 was initially released in the fall of 2006 in Japan. By the end of the spring next year, it was available all over the world, with Europe and Australia getting it last. The platform was originally released as a top competitor against Wii from Nintendo and Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

Initially announced at E3 2005, it changed everything about the industry by introducing the Blu-ray Disc technology as its storage solution. Moreover, it was a pioneer in integrating social gaming services as well, not to mention its proprietary network.

To take things even further, PlayStation 3 could be controlled over a handheld console too. It featured remote connectivity with PlayStation Vita and Portable.

2009 brought in a massive upgrade for PlayStation 3, with the slim alternative hitting the market. However, it wasn’t perfect because it lost the hardware capability to project PlayStation 2 games. On a more positive note, it looked sleeker and better, but it was also lighter.

A few software upgrades were available as well. In 2012, an even slimmer variant was released, making the console even sleeker.

The first few years weren’t great for PlayStation 3 and perhaps that’s why the new variants were released. After all, it was quite pricey. Besides, most games couldn’t benefit from the Blu-ray features, so they were useless.

With time, the console gained the reputation it deserved, especially with the slim variants, selling nearly 90 million units. Two years after PlayStation 4 was released, the PlayStation 3 was discontinued in New Zealand. Production ceased gradually all over the world, apart from Japan, where it was made until 2017.

Overall, PlayStation 3 was made over 11 years, so it had a considerable lifespan. It's still easy to find in commerce these days, mainly because it was an innovative release back then, and it's still available today.

Originally, PlayStation 3 was released with 14 titles. A few more were introduced by the end of the year. In the USA, Resistance: Fall of Man was the top selling option. Some other games missed the PlayStation 3 release, but came out within the next year.

Such titles include Sonic the Hedgehog, F.E.A.R. and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, among others.

Apart from games, the console was enhanced with a wide variety of accessories as well. DualShock 3 and Sixaxis controllers were among the most popular ones, but other types of controllers, cameras, recorders and remotes were also introduced.

Simply put, PlayStation 3 offered a high degree of customization. And as games kept popping up over the next years after its release, it offered a wide plethora of solutions. Combined with the Blue-ray capabilities, it’s no surprise why PlayStation 3 is still popular today, despite its slow start.

These days, you can bring back the PlayStation 3 experience with all kinds of ROMs created for this console. Available to download on more platforms and operating systems, you can enjoy the exact same game play and features, but on a modern and more accessible platform.