Sony Playstation 4 (SONY PLAYSTATION 4) Roms

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Sony Playstation 4 ROMs

Introduced by Sony Interactive Entertainment at the beginning of 2013, Sony PlayStation 4 was out in stores before the end of the year. It was released all over the world during 2013, with Japan having to wait until the beginning of 2014.

The console was released to compete against Wii U and Switch from Nintendo, as well as Xbox One from Microsoft.

The console comes with quite a few innovations for the gaming industry. Unlike its predecessor, it no longer features the cell microarchitecture. Instead, it has an AMD APU boosting the x86-64 architecture. By the time the console was released, AMD claimed that it was the most powerful APU it has ever made.

Sony’s console has been adapted to the market’s necessities and demands. By the beginning of the last decade, everything was about multiplayer interaction, social gaming and multimedia services. This means PlayStation 4 allowed streaming games and controlling games remotely.

Moreover, the controller has been rebuilt from scratch. Buttons are easier to use and more straightforward, not to mention the analog sticks. The touchpad is also a nice touch for the new console, surprising everyone at that time.

In terms of multimedia, PlayStation 4 can handle HDR10 videos, not to mention 4K videos.

The release brought the console up in the charts straight away and for some obvious reasons. Apart from the technical improvements, Sony paid attention to the market demands, and that's what made the difference.

By the end of 2019, PlayStation 4 was the second best selling console ever, behind PlayStation 2.

Like other similar consoles, this one has gone through a few transformations throughout its long history too. In 2016, the slim version came out. But at the same time, an improved luxury alternative was also released, the PlayStation 4 Pro. Its performance was top for those times.

Despite still being produced these days, Sony has already released PlayStation 5 in the fall of 2020. In Japan, PlayStation 4 was fully discontinued, apart from the slim variant. Support is still available, though.

Although discontinued in Japan, it’s still made in other countries, so there are no issues regarding its availability.

When it comes to games, Marvel’s Spider-Man is the best selling option, followed by Grand Theft Auto 5, God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Gran Turismo Sport. However, the list is much longer and also includes titles like Horizon Zero Down, The Last of Us Part II or Star Wars Battlefront.

Social features are the elements defining PlayStation 4, though, and they include the possibility to create or join communities, media sharing capabilities, live streaming and share play solutions.

Share play allows users to invite friends to watch the game through streaming, even if the attendees don’t actually own a copy of the game.

Whether for new games or old games, PlayStation 4 is fully available on other platforms by downloading ROMs on other operating systems and emulating applications. There are plenty of options out there, even without owning the actual console.