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super mario 64
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As the Mario theme is all about exploring the map and finding the princess. This time, developers are back with a new map where Mario has to find princes in a 3D map. This map allows Mario to move in all the directions and to look for a princess. There are new obstacles. Being the best gamer is a bit typical this time in Super Mario 64.
There are so many levels to try out, and if you haven't seen this game, then you can go and download the emulator to grab Super Mario 64 as the adventure is in 3D, so you have so many things to do in the same Version. That's why you can prefer downloading it.
New Features to Know About
Mario series always have a 2D horizontal scrolling map, but this time, there are new things that can make you love it. The key features are –
• You can now explore the 3D map in this game. Well, it looks a lot more like a Minecraft map, but you can relate for sure.
• There are magical and daunting worlds which are typical to complete without having a proper sight-seeing of the level.
• Hidden items and Puzzles let you try out something new instead of keep on blocked at one level for hours.
These are some of the major features which can make you love this game instead of getting bored, that's why you can prefer it.
Bottom Line
Chances are you may be willing to download Super Mario 64. Keep it in mind that this game is available at many websites as well as available in the paid version, so you should prefer an emulator before getting started. After downloading this game, you have to follow the installation method, and everything is done. You are ready to play this game.