super princess peach

Super Princess Peach ROM

super princess peach
NDS Emulator
6.4MB / ISO
There are numerous platform video games out there in the market and 0444 - Super Princess Peach is also one among them. The game consists of certain worlds and each one consists of different levels where the player’s can perform and deal with opposing mates.
However, the 0444 - Super Princess Peach Game has great battle system where the player’s hero can compete with each other by using super-powers and make use of attacking moves as well. Every time the player’s hero wins the achievements then he will be able to get some awesome rewards and bonuses.
Basics to Know!
• 0444 - Super Princess Peach Game has similar basics as traditional platforming games. The Game consists of total eight worlds, each of which contains six levels and a boss battle which leads the player to the next world.
• The player’s hero is able to perform in certain levels and well-perform by putting his hard efforts on different moves and super-attacks as well. The objective of player’s hero in the 0444 - Super Princess Peach Game is to levels up as many as possible by destroying the entire obstacles and defeats the target enemies throughout the period.
• Once the player’s hero succeed in entire leveling up then he must face the boss battle where he can perform and battling with multiple enemies. As the player’s hero succeed in winning the boss battle by beating the high-power enemies then it becomes easier to move onto the next world through the course of the 0444 - Super Princess Peach Game.
The Final Words!
Players must learn the basics of 0444 - Super Princess Peach Game in the early stages so that they will be able to simply achieve their respective goals or even within short timer-period.