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survival kids
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Among all the survival and role-playing video games the most trending and favorable is Survival Kids. The particular game is developed and published by the most popular platform Konami. It is the latest part of the series Survival Kids and available only for one platform, i.e. Game Boy Color. The release date of the game is 17 June, 199 and on several other dates. Also, it contains only a single-player mode in which gamers need to complete various missions, challenges, objectives and levels to make progress.
What players have to do in Survival Kids?
In the gameplay of Survival Kids, players have to perform several tasks and activities to make progress. It contains the 2D characterstic view which almost provides a realistic gaming experience. Players have to keep the track of fatigue, hunger and thirst by collecting the health points. Also, gamers are provided with everyday tasks which they should complete regularly as to get points and earn in-game currency.
The next major aspect for the gamers is to know the item-crafting system. Well, in the same system there are several elements present that gamers have to know and then go ahead for making progress. They need to collect all major objects and serve no purpose in their original form. There are plenty of weapons, tools and items present in Survival Kids which gamers have to consider and then go ahead for playing.
More about the game
In the particular video game, there are 15 set types of flora in which there are different effects when they get eaten. In every level, players have to achieve the certain goals to pass out on the next one. They have to perform basic necessities for survival in Survival Kids. The gameplay is totally free and offer a realistic gaming experience.