the soukou kihei gun ground

The Soukou Kihei Gun Ground ROM

the soukou kihei gun ground
NDS Emulator
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Ready for the very best unit-based, mech combat sandbox? Welcome to “The Soukou Kihei Gun Ground”, where future combat means near ludo-realistic battles are joined by explosive new weapons and redesigned units in an all-out war for resources. This game puts players in control of hard-hitting Armored Fighting Walkers, a world where war is fought with elite technology and high caliber weaponry.
Your task is to 'pilot' through these massive, hellish games, battling out against others on foot across different environments such as desolate wastelands and busy city centres. Every mission requires force multipliers of strategic planning and rapid thought, complete with consequences on the greater war at large that are still dynamic, yet meaningful. Outfit your mech with a variety of weapons and upgrade them to get the right tools for your playstyle, whether its long ranged sniping or close range brawling.
Immerse yourself in the rich storyline and relish the varied, meticulously detailed graphics as you participate in heart-pounding action combat that allows you to select from players across a multitude of different lore. Join the fray and take up arms in a high-octane action game of strategy and skill with your Strateg brigade.